Top-up vouchers from the main providers directly from your APP.

Mobile Top-ups

Click and Top-up: the new mobile top-up.

  • icon With Click and Top-up, no more long codes to type on the phone keypad
  • icon Top-up in real-time after payment
  • icon Your privacy is protected: with Click and Top-up, it is no longer necessary to dictate your phone number in the presence of strangers

A new way to give or receive gifts

With Digital Gift, treat someone you care for with a purchase code to spend as you like!




Digital Gift

For whoever you want, whenever you want, in one click!

Digital Gift is the new solution that allows you to turn purchase codes into a digital gift for you or your friends.

Digital Gift

How It Works

1. Purchase the Purchase Code

At a PUNTOLIS tobacconist or authorized bars and follow the instructions at the bottom of the receipt.

2. Enter the Security Code

The four-character code reported at the bottom of the receipt.

3. Create Your Personalized Message

By entering the recipient's name and the occasion to be celebrated.

4. Send Your Digital Gift

In the way you prefer: Whatsapp, email, and much more.